About Us

We at Carpet cleaning company have been professionally cleaning carpets for many years and have seen it all from wine stains to pet stains and more. Our passion to provide our customers both new and old with a professional and cost effective solution to their house hold cleaning needs is what sets us apart from the competition so much so that we have now made steam cleaning of wooden floors, mattresses, couches and curtains to our ever growing list of services. Our teams of cleaning personal have unparalleled experience in various parts of the industry that not only shows in our work but also the pride we take in providing our clients with only the best staff available to meet the high standards we stand by in our daily work.

This means that you no longer have to worry about those crushed lace curtains being damaged in a washing machine but can rest assured that they are cleaned in the most delicate and material friend ways possible that will in effect extend the very life of that particular fabric while still hanging from the rail reducing the amount of handing of the curtains. This holds true for all mattresses and couches that are also cleaned to the best standards so that we when sitting or lying down you can literally feel the cleanness and renewed freshness.

Tiled or wooden Floors – no problem, why worry about struggling to figure out how to clean them and which cleaning agents to use. We take care of that for you and will even remove im bedded grime that seems to show up unannounced and unnoticed so much so that your floors will look as great as the day they were put down when cleaned by us.

We aim to take the hard work out of cleaning your homes allowing you and your family to spend more time doing the things that matter the most in life.

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